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I need help to fix my teeth please I can't hardly handle the pain anymore !!!

Gregory77 started this conversation

Hello my name is Greg and I need help with dental ,I don't have any money to get my teeth fixed, I have several teeth that are rotting and numerous cavities.There isn't a day that goes by that I beg someone for a pain pill and depend on orajel to ease it, I always use the fake fillings you can put in yourself ,but my teeth are getting to the point where that stuff just doesn't help. I have no dental insurance and I struggle every week to make my bills.I even have teeth that are so bad their rotted too bad they fell completely out. I have a 7yr old son also I support. I'm so embarrassed of my teeth and I'm only 30 yrs old, I need help !
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bugle4m   in reply to littebit
First step would be to learn how to spell and use proper English. If you did, many people would not do the double take wondering why you are so ignorant. Go to school, get Obama care and live a much better life.
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bear1685   in reply to Gregory77
My name is mariell and my teeth are crooked and I don't like to smile because of simple fact is every time I talk too somebody I feel like they. Not looking at me they're looking at my teeth I feel really bad because I want that perfect smile so I'm 27 years old and I wanna marry my girlfriend and it's just that never took any pictures with her so somebody please help me out 3212628350
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 in response to littebit...   I'm sorry I am in the exact same position. I'll keep searching, and if I find anything I'll pass it along. Please let me know if u find a resource or help of any kind, and I'll do the same. Good luck. Cherry
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 in response to littebit...   

This page link has two dental related sites which may be of help. Look under the right side which says "resource links." There are two options. I hope one may be of some help.

Finding Financial Assistance and Avoiding Scams

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my name is chrissy and my dental are so bad that i have not kiss my husben of 34 year my job is the best and i can't look at my boss becouse of my teeth plsace help get my smile back thank you so much
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